The Circle Satellite + Apartment
Visual Identity, Signage, Print Items, Photography

Coworking, gallery space, and capsule hotel in Ugata, Iseshima. 

Located in Ugata, Iseshima The Circle Satellite is a coworking and gallery space steps away from Ugata station. The coworking space is the first step in an effort to  increase inbound nomad workers and young travellers to the iseshima area, often overlooked as people make their way to Ise shrine. C&S together with creative agency artless Inc. were in charge of the overall branding.
Encompassing the Visual Identity strategy, logo design, signage design, print design, website and photographic direction. The Coworking space was built in tandem with The Circle Apartment, the other half of the The Circle project which we also oversaw.  

brand color

The color is borrowed from cypress used in the wood frames that make up the individual rooms. We used beige cutting sheet stickers, beige paper, and natural beige cotton tote bags for design consistency.


The client expressed a desire for the coworking space to be a hub connecting people to the surrounding area. We knew we wanted to reflect this friendliness through the design so we went with a slightly adjust Campton font by René Bieder which had the warmth we were looking for.

Project completed together with Creative Agency artless Inc.

Hamasa Architect

Web Development:
Adrien Dufond

Arai Yoshinori

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