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ADW-FFF  ( ︎ Coming Soon )
Alaska, USA  / アラスカ アメリカ
In conjunction with Anchorage Design Week, we were tasked by the Anchorage Museum to create a civic identity project for the neighborhood of Fairview.
Dangerous roads, disinvestment, pollution, and more have long divided the voices and communities of Fairview. With the goal of elevating the Voices of Fairview, part of the Reconnect Fairview program, our project, Shapes of Fairview: Sign Project provides a physical and digital platform to reconnect the voices of the community and help make Fairview whole.
We created 12 signs, for 12 areas to reconnect the voices of Fairview. The question “What does the shape of Fairview’s future look like?” was central to the project and inspiration for the final design.

3T THREE TREES  ( ︎ Coming Soon )
Tokyo, Japan / 東京都 日本
3T was born from a reforestation nonprofit in 2022 with a mission to amplify impact. 3T aims to design and implement projects that rehabilitate degraded landscapes and produce carbon credits. Driven by passion and guided by expertise, their goal is to foster environmental restoration and bring prosperity to communities wherever we work. We were in charge of the logo design, web design, and stationary design

( The Circle Apartment ) ︎︎︎
Mie, Japan / 三重県 日本
A small size capsule hotel project in Ise, Mie.  The Circle Apartment is across the street from The Circle Satellite, located less than a minute away from Ugata station.
Together with creative agency artless Inc. we designed the visual identity and wayfinding design for the hotel, coworking space and cafe, ranging from the logo to stationary, website and signage.
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( The Circle Satellite ) ︎︎︎
Mie, Japan / 三重県 日本
A coworking space project in Ise, Mie. Working closely with the architect and owner, we created a visual identity that speaks to young entrepreneurs and nomad workers. Based in one of the most beautiful prefectures in Japan, together with creative agency artless Inc. we designed the visual identity and wayfinding design for the coworking space ranging from the logo to stationary,
website and signage.
Partnered Project :

( ab concept ) ︎︎︎
Hong Kong / 香港
Founded in 1999, ab concept has been a creative partner to leading hospitality brands across the world. Our goal was to create a brand identity that brings in humanist elements while maintaining the timelessness present in their work.
We worked together with creative agency, artless Inc. to create the corporate and visual identity, encompassing the logo design, web design, stationary design, presentation document design, and photographic direction.

Partnered Project :

hotel tou nishinotoin  ( ︎ Coming Soon )
Kyoto, Japan / 京都府 日本
Located on nishinotoin street between cultural heritage sites nishi honganji temple and higashi honganji temple, “hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto” opened its doors in april 2021. We supported artless inc. in designing the comprehensive brand design, from the naming to v.i, including logo design, signage design, stationery, and visual planning.
Located in nishinotoin, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, “hotel tou”—with its interplay of light and shadows, reveals the hidden depth of japan creating a rich cultural experience.
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( The Carpenter & The Stone )
An independent creative studio based in Tokyo & Alaska. Led by Thomas Zimmerman & Shinsaku Iwatachi. The Carpenter & The Stone’s vision is rooted in the merging of two seemingly opposites. Reflecting the founders’ personal experiences of being raised in one of the most rural places in the world (Alaska), and the most urban place in the world (Tokyo). C&S specializes in Visual Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Wayfinding Design, Package Design, Motion Graphics, UI design, and Art Direction.

( Magnet 303 ) ︎ Coming Soon
Tokyo, Japan / 東京都 日本
Magnet 303 is a private Art Room and Archive based in Shibuya, Tokyo. Connecting art, people, Japan, and the world from an N-Dimensional Perspective. A mixture of old and new—a vision of sensibility and culture. Magnet 303 hosts works from across the world. We were in charge of the brand design as including the logo re-design, signage design, event promotional design, and web direction.
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